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    Posted : Feb. 14, 2012 

    Minority student advice

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    Campus community: Finding resources and friends

    Your first few weeks on campus are some of the most important in your college career. It’s when you’ll establish the social groups that will be with you all 4 years and beyond. It’s also when those social groups are the most flexible and open. Get out there and meet people! We know that a lot of POC can feel isolated on campus, so it’s important to get out there and find your peeps right off the bat. You’ll have a support network to get you through all the ups and downs, and friends to make the college life exciting and engaging!


    • DORM TIP:

       Posted : Mar. 17, 2012

      Your crib is your space. It’s your nest, and it should feel like home whether you’re sharing it or rooming alone. One way to make it feel safe, personal, and secure is by pimping it out with your own personal style. Get curtains, get rugs, get whatever makes it feel more like home! Bedazzle the hell out of the walls, and get those Christmas lights hanging!

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